Tuesday, October 25, 2011

not dead just broken

When people go missing and stop blogging it's usually because they fell off the wagon. Well, I fell but it was more a trip over my own feet & ended up with a broken elbow and right pinky. I pretty much don't have any use of either one of my arms. I've been.struggling with the fact I have to rely on everyone for EVERYTHING! Yes everything ...use your imagination. Not only being upset about not being able to care for myself I won't be able to train anymore for my 5 k. I suppose I can still run, I have use of my legs; but how ridiculous would I look running down the street with a full arm cast & my other hand in a splint. Thank god for my phone having a talk and type feature or else this post woulda been impossible. Well I figured I would update you because I did not want you to think I disappeared but I'm in recovery and I'll be back soon.

To be continued....



  1. How frustrating to get derailed just as you were really getting going! So sorry! I hope you heal fast!

  2. I hope you are doing better!! I would be pretty frustrated too.