Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 days left - 1/40

No, I'm not talking about Lent....I'm talking about a weight loss competition that I started with a couple of my friends 50 days ago. -- 50 days in and I still feel as if I am at day 1.

Although I have been aware of the days slowly slipping by I continue to ignore my countdown widget on my phone until today. For some reason this morning it hit me and made me a bit sad that I have not done anything in this last month and a half. I have $200 on the line and still that has not been enough to motivate me.... I don't get it. I think this has been the worst funk I have ever been in and wish I could just snap out of it already. Not only do I have this competition going on with my friends, I have signed up for several walks/runs that are all coming up very soon. The rate I'm going, I am going to be crawling across the finish lines. (if I even make it)

Knowing I have to make changes and quick, I have decided to give up starch for Lent. I originally wanted to give up 30 lbs for Lent but I remembered it wasn't that easy. Who knows, giving up starch might give me that extra boost to drop the weight in the next 40 days. Ugh, this is going to be hard but I know I need to do it.

I'm going to miss you Mr. Potato :(

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BIG plans for the future

Wow! It has been ages since I have last blog and I have to admit I feel horrible about it. Not only because I have left you all hanging but I have completely fell off the wagon. I have no good excuse, I guess I could say I I have been overly busy at work (which I have) but really.... there is always time to eat right (which I haven't) and I may not have an hour to work out but I'm sure I could have squeezed in 15 mins here and there. Bottom line..... I have been a badddd badddd girl. ;)

So what am I doing currently? I know what I am not doing so have taken steps to get back into the swing of things. I have a Mud Run 5k coming up in April and the another 5k in May and last but oh certainly not least a 26 mile walk in July. I bet your saying I'm nuts. How do I go from falling off the wagon to planning to participate in a marathon in less than 150 days...hell I don't have the answer to that but I have already committed and I am in it to the end.

Speaking about being In It To The End .... The marathon I have signed up for is actually for a great cause, I will be walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Another great thing is I won't be in this alone, my entire office has signed up for it and we will be doing it as a team. I'm really pumped! It's going to held in San Francisco and we will be walking this distance over a weekend and will be even camping out on the streets.

In addition to the walk we are also fundraising for this event as well. We have each committed to raise a minimum of $1,800.00 so we make participate in this walk. All proceeds will go to the research for finding a cure or prevention for this awful disease. Which leads me to my next topic  --- Donation

I know I have been a horrible blogger but with so many events coming up I have to become focused because being apart of this is extremely important to me. Not only for my own health but for the support of others who are or know someone that is fighting or fought this battle against cancer. Any donations made are extremely appreciated ---even if its only a dollar it ALL HELPS.  If you are interested in donating please click on the logo below or if you have any questions feel free to ask, as I am more than happy to answer. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bad, Bad, Blogger

OK so just thought I let you know this is going to be my last post until Jan 2nd. We are packing EVERYTHING up at my job because we are doing remodeling for winter break and I wont have access to a computer starting... soon (next Monday to be exact). So the office is like madness right now... work, work, work, & packing, packing, packing. Cant wait for winter break - I feel like I am going to scream.

I will be purchasing a personal computer the first week of January so I will have plenty of time to make awesome blogs and post lost of pictures ... YAY..

Alright everyone.. I am off for the night so time to get home.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Moody Monday

Talking about waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I don't know what my deal is but I already feel in a crappy mood and I have only been up for an hour. I think it is a number of things that are coming up and I finally realized I have to deal with them regardless if I care to or not. My Aunt Flo is in town so I am  dealing with her at this moment. My house is filthy and since it was my hunny's birthday bash over the weekend I didn't get any house chores done so I plan on doing it ALL tonight. Also, I work for a school so we have a two week breaking coming up, which is usually a GOOD thing. However, we will be having some remodeling done so the next couple weeks we have to purge anything we can and pack everything else up....oh, all while still being open... "yay"! Plus, I still have Xmas shopping to do and a few more bills to pay. I do have some fun stuff coming up but the stress of my to do list is starting to hit me and starting my day in a pissy mood makes me even more upset.

As for my weight loss progress, I have still been doing good with my food choices. I mentioned a bit ago, that it was my hunny's birthday "bash" over the weekend, Saturday to be exact. We got together with family and friends and went to Buffalo Wild Wings and a bar afterwards. The restaurant wasn't that great and although I order chicken wings I only got a order of six and that was it besides my glass of water. Once at the bar, I ordered one mixed drink and held on to it the entire night. I really shocked myself with that! Once I'm in the bar I usually start with good intentions but then my evil twin comes out and she likes to party! Not Saturday though, it was actually I pretty calm night for me.

Even though I manage to keep myself at a one drink limit and I STILL woke up sick the next day. Not a "pass the aspirin" sick but a "booger face" sick. It was freezing the night before and I sacrificed being warm for looking cute, wrong choice. I stood in bed most of yesterday and barely ate so yesterday is a no brainer that I stood within my daily calorie range.

Today, I had originally planned to go back to the gym but seriously my house is horrible and a dirty house just adds to my stress and makes me depressed. As much house work as I have ahead of me, I'm pretty sure I will be sweating by the end of it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Things are REALLY Flowing Now!

Quick Update-

I have been doing pretty damn good! Well with making good food choices and keeping my portions in check. I have been measuring all my food and entering into my LoseIt app so I know I have been within my daily calorie range.

As for exercise......

((slowly starts tip toeing away))

Ok, ok .. I admit it! I haven't done anything this entire week. Things have been popping up and I can use that as an excuse for not going to the gym but I can NOT use it for an excuse as to why I didn't do my video at home. I guess I haven't fully got my mojo back just yet but I am definitely on the road to getting their.

I weighed myself this morning and boy did I have a nice little surprise down between my feet. 200!
Yup -5lbs in 4 days and I owe all that to extra servings of vegetables. As gross as this might be, I was plugged up! Eating fast food and all that other junk I was shoveling down my throat was not allowing me to use the restroom as often as I should had been. Replacing the junk with dark greens has definitely got things "flowing" and that's sad to think just a few days ago I was 5lbs heavier with sh....! ((Barf))

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recap Day 2

So yesterday went GREAT! I didn't starve myself and I was able to keep the food cravings to a minimum. Babe took me shopping after work and was really helpful with helping me plan out meals for the next week or two. That's exciting for me because I feel like I am actually taking steps to getting back on track rather than just running my mouth about it. As for workouts, I have yet to start any. I had plans to go with my sis last night but after grocery shopping it just got too late for both of us, so we have made plans for tonight. ---FYI I skipped the movie too.

Well that was pretty much the highlight of yesterday and I just wanted to share with you all. Be in touch soon. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of Day 1

Well it's midnight and I'm still up and I have not snacked! I'm gettin a little anxious but I'm getting ready to turn off the tv and hopefully end my day dreaming about fries, pb & j's, & anything & everything else that has popped into my head since dinner at 8pm. I logged my calories for the day and I'm not proud to say I am way under because I know that's not healthy but I have nothing currently in my kitchen that I can consider a "good choice". Toldja...I really gave up on myself and stop stocking my kitchen of the right stuff. Fortunately, I received some money I had been waiting for today and I plan on purchasing things I NEED to be eating tomorrow.

Off Subject-
Geez...I'm still thinking about food!! ...Bad food!! I feel like I'm going nuts right now

Back to subject-
Since I thought I was flat broke I didn't plan on hitting the gym because the fuel light came on and I was already stressing off gas to get home let alone gas to get to the gym. Now that I have money for gas, me and my sis plan on seeing Breaking Dawn again tomorrow (jumps for joy) then gym afterwards. Yes, I know I could of did something at home but I feel like I'm battling food demons and it is not a good feeling. Feeling like this reminds me how bad I hit rock bottom again! I really am starting all over and this feeling sucks!

It's funny but not ...but I have asked my hunny to be my "food sponsor". People laugh when I say that and to be honest it does sound kinda lame but I really need one. I constantly crave bad foods (during the first weeks of cleansing) and I am not the type of person to go get it myself. I beg, bitch, & cry to have it brought to me but I will not get my big ass up and go get it myself. Lol you are probably thinking damn I should be skinny if I never go get bad food but nope my Dad and Hunny will cook or buy me food because that's just what my family does to show affection we feed each other. Really, I don't know how many times I have been having a bad day and my dad or hunny will bring me a favorite food to cheer me up. Food is equivalent to a hug around here.& for all the other days ...I'm just spoiled and am used to getting what I want when I ask. Sounds bratty but hey, I'm just being honest. So back to babe being my sponsor, he has once again agreed to denying my food requests and of course with my permission can be an ass when need be

Well, that's how day 1 went & ready or not day 2 is next.