Friday, December 2, 2011

Things are REALLY Flowing Now!

Quick Update-

I have been doing pretty damn good! Well with making good food choices and keeping my portions in check. I have been measuring all my food and entering into my LoseIt app so I know I have been within my daily calorie range.

As for exercise......

((slowly starts tip toeing away))

Ok, ok .. I admit it! I haven't done anything this entire week. Things have been popping up and I can use that as an excuse for not going to the gym but I can NOT use it for an excuse as to why I didn't do my video at home. I guess I haven't fully got my mojo back just yet but I am definitely on the road to getting their.

I weighed myself this morning and boy did I have a nice little surprise down between my feet. 200!
Yup -5lbs in 4 days and I owe all that to extra servings of vegetables. As gross as this might be, I was plugged up! Eating fast food and all that other junk I was shoveling down my throat was not allowing me to use the restroom as often as I should had been. Replacing the junk with dark greens has definitely got things "flowing" and that's sad to think just a few days ago I was 5lbs heavier with sh....! ((Barf))

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