Nov 24th: Complete 5k under 50 minutes
Jan 1st:    Run 5 miles in an hour
Jan 1st:    1st weight goal 175lbs– Lose 26lbs
Feb 3rd:   2nd weight goal 165lbs–Lose 10lbs– My 25th BDay!
Apr 16th: Complete 10k
May 7th: 3rd weight goal 140lbs– Lose 25lbs
May 7th: Take professional pictures with my honey for 4th Anniversary!
Now another goal I would like to accomplish for the month of June would be to wear shorts! I know crazy right? But really, I have always been so self conscious of my legs and I am determined to get over it next summer.  

Overall goal
Be happy and healthy at 135lbs-140lbs
Plan to achieve these goals:
1.       I have 15 weigh-ins, every 15 days. If I lose 4lbs each weigh-in I will be a sexy beast in no time.
2.       Stay motivated & dedicated!