Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 1 of 38 -5k training-

To start off I just came back from lunch so being stuffed and even the thought about working out right now sucks! LOL - btw- It was just a salad and not a crazy one topped with cheeses and yummyness just a regular salad and about 3 cups of water. Which is the reason why I think I am really stuffed.

But any who... I currently have 38 days until the 5k I am particpating in is here..eek!..A goal I have set for myself is to finish the 5k under 50 minutes but I think I am going to push it a bit further and say I want to finish it at 45 minutes. On average I am doing a mile in 17 minutes so I would cut that down to 15 minutes if I plan on achieving that goal.

My plan: I am going to the gym everyday for the next 38 days and I'm going to run my a$$ off.. Starting tonight! So that means.... I will be posting pictures of my treadmill times every night before bed (o joy!).

Ugh... what have I got myself into?!

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