Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What the &%#@ am I doing?

So today I woke up feeling sad and instead of keeping it bottled up inside like I normally do, I decided to try something different and tell everyone. I told family, bloggers and of course my hunny. Thinking back now, they probably think I'm nuts but I decided I want to be happy and if I don’t reach out for help now then I won’t ever. Now you are probably thinking "oh dear, what's wrong with her?!" but I assure you I am stable I just need to make some adjustments in life that will only benefit me & what better way to be heard than to blog about it. What type of adjustments you ask? My health! I eat horrible, I don't exercise, and I drink. The sad thing about this is I started the year off great (as I'm sure most people do). I was always in the gym, eating well balanced meals and stopped drinking! This was short lived, as I quickly fell back into my old, but familiar habits. With these habits brought back another familiar friend, sadness. You would think being on such a great high and losing weight I would never fall back into my big girl pants but I did! I slithered right back into those bad boys & let me tell you it sucks! I'm tired of failing at my attempts to lose weight because really the key to success is control. Really... how hard is that? It's not like I have to fight off lions and eat fire. I just need to fight off myself.

So here I am. Day 1.....


  1. I like your post...I'm in the same boat...I was doing good for awhile and then before I knew it I was off the wagon and couldn't catch up to get back on. I think you have the right idea...blogging forces you to own up to your bad eating/exercising habits and start creating healthy new ones....kind of like your virtual conscience...good luck...I know you can do it and you'll get there!!!

  2. Ya know what, I love it!! a look into your crazy head!! ;)

    EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, has been on a great path and then started to go backwards... they did the moon walk if you will... and if anyone says they haven't they lied.

    Clearly, you know what you are doing wrong, what needs to change and you know you can do this!! So girl.. I am rooting for you!!! GET IT GIRL!!!!!