Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eating Chips while getting Ripped

There is this man that comes to my job every other week or so and he is known as the Munchie Man, I call him the devil.You are probably thinking "O that's harsh!" but if have ever seen Adam Sandler's movie, The Waterboy then you know I'm only being funny. Anyways, he has tons of treats that are overpriced and delicious and I hate him! My sister happens to work here at the same office as me and it's a constant war between good & evil when he comes & surprisingly (well lately) we both have been good & able to resist his horrible yet delicious temptations. However, when he came yesterday I was unprepared for this vicious attack he had in store for me. He always announces his self when he comes into the office and I instantly put my guard up for both my pants and wallet but when I heard my sister call for me I knew this was going to be a hell of a battle. He already had got her on his side so now I felt alone and vulnerable but I knew I HAD to get through it. As I cautiously approached the front I seen my sister already had the item in hand ready to help the Munchie Man score a sale. But as she revealed the item to me I was pleasantly surprised...

                                                             Vegetable Chips!

                      Veggies Chips:     Serving Size: 1 oz. (28g), 130, 7g, 15g, 1g
·                                     Potato Chips:     Serving Size: 1 package, Calories: 160, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 15g, Protein: 2g
                                                                     Not a huge difference but still a difference

Now one thing about me you should know is.. I LOVE POTATOES! So chips are up there on my list of things I must have.  It does contain salt which I really don't like but I figured for a small snack every now and then, this was awesome. Plus my sis treated me so that was another bonus. Thanks Sis!

Since I'm already talking about my sister, she shared a link with me yesterday about this trainer that is getting obese on purpose in order to have a better understanding of his clients struggle with weight. He has a website called Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit, but the server has been down but definitely check on it to see if its up and running. Any who.... I put the link below, I thought it was an interesting article and figured I would share.

Now on to my highlight of last night....

Yesterday was my second day training for the upcoming 5k & once again I amazed myself. Last night when i got to the gym I found myself playing music treadmills with a few other people that got there the same time as me. It's funny how no one wants to be right next to each other....why? the hell outta me. So after everyone finally found their spots I was left with the one in between Mr. Amazing and Mrs. Wonderful. sigh... In my little head I thought "oh god, I am going to fall over in front of these two" because I knew already that I would try to keep the same pace as them so I wouldn't look as if I didn't belong of couldn't hang. Well guess what?......I out ran Mrs. Wonderful and Mr. Amazing quickly caught on to me and what I was doing. So I notice he tried to up his game and I kept my little legs moving and I kept noticing him glancing over at my time/speed. But guess what I kick his ass too! He stopped his treadmill and kind of stood and looked at mine for a while as I kept trucking and as bad as I wanted to say "Booya!" I kept it cool and didn't. So with that said, I feel like yesterday was a great workout...Even though I'm paying for it now.

                                                                My first mile time



  1. Those chips are good, but can be dangerous... Keep yourself on check!!

    Also, I think it is too funny that you mentioned the trainer. I saw that article, and personally, I think he is just stupid. I know I made my self fat, but I wasn't doing it purposely in my mind. I was doing what I thought was right, and I was in the frame of mind, "If you don't like what you see, look elsewhere"
    This man is purposely becoming obese to write a book or blog about going from being fit to fat and then attempting to lose the weight again. Why would anyone in there right mind put there body through that? I mean the health risks alone just boggle my mind. But it will make money, and people are that desperate to make a quick buck... same with the supersize me guy... just pointless... and dangerous.

  2. I love Veggie Chips!
    Thanks for the great question! I do use a different camera. I use my camera phone. The camera I use for reviews and for my eye looks is the Canon Rebel T3, and it is a pretty heavy camera. I can take eye pictures just fine because it is only my eyes, but when taking full face pictures it is really difficult for me since the camera is really heavy. I don't have anywhere I could place my camera to take the pictures, nor do I have someone to take them for me. It is something I yet have to figure out. If you check out the "About Me" tab on the top of my blog, you will see a picture I took of me with my goo camera, but I had to take it with the camera visible.
    I know the FOTD lack quality, but it is better than no FOTD pictures, yes?

  3. No problem :) Thanks for giving me some feedback! It is great to know what I should work on, because if no one tells me, I will be totally oblivious to what I need to improve on! Thank you so much :D

  4. You are kicking ass - keep it up!! Very impressive!