Thursday, November 17, 2011

Game Plan

I have been thinking all day about jumping back into my workout routines and then it hit me... I'm scared! I'm starting to look back at my post yesterday and boy I sound like big sh*t but I'm starting to feel like it was all talk. (ugh, snap out of it woman!) I think now that I have no more excuses reality is starting to set in and once again I'm fearing the gym.

So here is my game plan....

I think breaking up my overall weightloss goal into small fun mini goals helps make this process seem more achievable and less overwhelming. So I was looking over my upcoming events and the Drake concert is just 31 days away! What's something I can do in 30 days? I'm sure you guessed it.... The 30 Day Shred!

I have tried this video twice and always stop after the 6th day. Every time I even think of that damn DVD I cringe. The PAIN Jillian puts me through in 20 minutes is ridiculous and the next day is no walk in the park! But all BS to the side, it is a hell of a work out and a great way to get my big badonkadonk moving again. So starting tonight, my goal is to start and FINISH the 30 Day Shred.

Tonight I will get measured and take pictures of myself and have them posted tomorrow. Before and after shots are always a plus.

Wish me luck! ;-)

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  1. Oh, yea, the 30 day shred will get you lots of results - for sure!!! You can do it!